The internet is full of discount and open source graphic designers who promise quality work for cents on the dollar. They offer $50 “high quality” logos, web site design for $300, even stock business card or brochure designs that allow you to input your info on a ready-made template for less than half the price you would pay a professional designer. If you’re trying to cut costs, these discount designers seem like a smart choice.

But when it comes to graphic design, the old adage is true: You get what you pay for.

Discount designers and pre-made templates are cheap for a reason; they don’t offer truly custom-made items. Their designs are cookie-cutter and similar to the logos and marketing materials they designed for other companies. You only get one or two revisions when they actually get around to it and have no desire to work with or enhance your brand.

When it comes to updating your logo, designing a business card or putting together a brochure, website, sign or other marketing material to represent you and your company, it’s always worth the investment to hire a professional graphic designer who will work with you, integrate their design into your brand and offer advice to enhance your presence in the eyes of your clients.

Your marketing items represent your business. Don’t let your clients’ perception of you be based on the work of a discount designer.

Have you ever worked with a discount designer? What was your experience?


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  • Nice article! More importantly, thanks for sharing this poster! I’m not the author, but I’m a designer and have even shared this poster on my blog in an article not so long time ago. It seems to me that many designers complain about the downside of dealing with clients but few actually try to do something to educate clients about the huge variety of quality they may get depending on how much they are investing! Thanks for being part of the good guys! 🙂

    • You hit on a key point – educating our clients. I’ve heard many say that they can get a quality logo from one of those online mass producing sites for $50, but what they don’t realize is all the fine print, and that the logos are typically stock items they change with your business name. A custom logo that fits your business and the vision and mission you’re trying to achieve is invaluable.

  • Unfortunately free and cheap are choosen too often

    • It always frustrates me when businesses are willing to cut corners in areas that help attract customers and clients. A good brand and advertising pieces are always worth the cost.

    • I’m always frustrated when businesses choose the cheap route for their branding and marketing pieces. It’s always worth the cost to present your business in as professional a manner as possible.