• I think you missed saying that design contests websites themselves are pure evil. After-all, only people with dodgy values would be allright using a crowd of willing ‘designers’ to offer this sort of services. On top of that, what do you think that says of a client who have no problem in not paying people for work? That’s not good for their business reputation.

    On the other hand, I understand many starting designers may see the need to find projects to work on to practice their skills, and these sites may seem to be a good source for practice. However, when students participate on this sort of sites they are destroying the very industry they wish to work on in the future. If these sites prevail, there will be no future.

    • I completely agree with you, Ray. Those contests do exploit designers just to get some cheaper labor. Not to mention, it sets a precedence that graphic design isn’t “real” work and, therefore, can be contracted out at a cheap rate or for free.

  • I don’t hate design contests for small events. I’ve seen some neat logo/t-shirt designs come out of contests for WordCamps.