Once in a great while, an advertising campaign comes around that catches the public’s eye and gets people talking.

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan recently launched such a campaign. Talk to Your Kids About Art School depicts scenes typically associated with warning parents about teen drug and alcohol use and apply it to art. The ads are creative, grab your attention, and share “warning signs” that your child might have a future in art.

The Talk To Your Kids About Art School campaign not only pulls from a campaign we all are familiar with, it also adds a unique twist. Upon first look, the campaign evokes a negative reaction: approaching difficult subjects like drug and alcohol use with your child. However, it brings a positive twist in challenging parents to look for the “warning signs” that their child might be naturally artistic, and challenges them to foster that gift in their child.

When developing your next advertising campaign, consider a creative approach. This particular approach works well for the College for Creative Studies, but might not work well for your business. Think outside the box. Play around with well known images, phrases or themes. Consider hiring a Branding and Design specialist.

A creative advertising campaign can help raise awareness, pull in clients you never would have reached before, and may just land your business all over the social media sphere, seen by people who may never have heard of your business.

Talk to Your Kids About Art School campaign credits: Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, Dearborn, MI USA; Chief Creative Officer: Toby Barlow; Creative Director: Gary Pascoe; Art Director: Vic Quattrin; Copywriter: Joel Wescott; Published: October, 2011.


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