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Successful businesses are innovative businesses. They are willing to adapt, to change, to transform the way they do business in order to provide their clients with the best possible products and services available.

Your business card is an important tool to market your business. It provides potential and current clients with all your pertinent contact information in one location and allows you to keep your brand in front of them. It sticks with them. Most potential clients will hold onto your card, even if it’s just long enough to input your information into their computer’s address book. When looking at getting business cards made up for your business, I recommend:

The following tips are things I have done to eliminate distractions and increase my productivity.

Whether you work for a corporate conglomerate or just recently started your own freelance business, chances are at some point, you will need to prepare a proposal. A potential client contacted you about your products or services, are considering working with you, but want some details on what you charge and what you offer and you are left needing to prepare a professional proposal. Every business is different, and you will need to find what works best for you, but an informative proposal should include the following:

When the majority of people hear the word “brand,” they immediately think you are referring to a company logo. McDonald’s has spent millions of dollars to brand the infamous “Golden Arches.” Nike has the swoosh. Adidas has the triple stripe triangle. Starbucks has the Siren. Show any person pretty much anywhere in the world those […]

Your personal brand will create an image of who you are in the minds of those around you, whether good or bad. Everything you do, everything you say, the way you dress, write and present yourself on social media sites all contribute to that brand. Do the hard work of determining your values and conforming your actions, words, dress and profiles to those values, and you will be well on your way to developing a personal brand that effectively communicates who you really are.

When launching a Facebook Fan Page for your business or organization, there are a few things you need to consider:

Facebook, and all social media, is not the end-all of your marketing plan. It won’t replace your traditional avenues of marketing or increase your business profits one-hundred fold. At the same time, it is valuable to the life and growth of your business. It can’t be ignored and it can’t be seen as the miracle cure for your business.

Facebook is a piece of your marketing puzzle.

We live in a digital age. You don’t need to look any further than your computer screen to see that to be true. Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are all in the top 10 viewed web sites each month. Google has ceased to be a noun and has evolved into a […]

Step into any small to mid-sized church throughout the country and you will find that most have an excellence issue, especially in the area of marketing. These churches don’t put the time, energy or resources into developing excellence in the way they market (or communicate) with church members, visitors or to the community as a […]