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A few weeks ago, I ran across Confessions of a Designer: Quotes from the World of Design by Anneke Short and have said, or at least thought, each and every one of them.

Ron Johnson, Apple’s amazing retail strategist for the past decade and the new J.C. Penney CEO, is bringing that change, including a new brand that is in the process of being rolled out. New logo. New tag line. New mission and vision and customer relations strategy are combining together to give J.C. Penney a fresh start.

Taking a proactive approach to your graphic projects will save you time and money in the long run, and will result in higher quality design with less stress.

When beginning any branding campaign, logo or advertising design project, it is beneficial to consider a few pre-design questions to guide your graphic designer in the creation process. Good design is imperative, but if it does not communicate an effective message about your business or product, even the best looking logo will fall short.

Save your graphic designer time (and save yourself money) by answering the following questions:

A creative advertising campaign can help raise awareness, pull in clients you never would have reached before, and may just land your business all over the social media sphere, seen by people who may never have heard of your business.

Small details, such as the Twitter Home icon solidify your brand and subtly bring your brand into the forefront of the minds of your clients. It gives your company a thought-out look, and communicates to your customers that you are intentional in everything you do.


The Project Scope One the things that impressed me the most about Jason’s work was how he was able to create a design that was exactly what I wanted, even though I was never able to express it in words. Just Cris is a Guarulhos, Brazil based blog focusing on the topic of faith, and what […]

Your marketing items represent your business. Don’t let your clients’ perception of you be based on the work of a discount designer.


The Project Scope I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but was very impressed with Jason’s ability to read my mind and deliver an identity which showcases my style and vision, with a modern and unique image. Toby Keathley is a Farmersburg, Indiana based photographer, providing senior and lifestyle pictures, wedding packages, sporting events, family portraits, […]

Meant to be more comical than helpful, the following chart will give you a basic overview of how the most popular social media sites are perceived among the general population: