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A few weeks ago, I ran across Confessions of a Designer: Quotes from the World of Design by Anneke Short and have said, or at least thought, each and every one of them.

Design is a skill and an art form. It requires a lot of knowledge, not only about what makes a great design, but also about producing the design itself.

You can see more confessions on Anneke’s blog.

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J.C. Penney, the century-old department store, is currently undergoing a massive rebranding and restructuring strategy. Known for its frequent sales, out-dated merchandise lines and lack of appeal to the younger generation, the department store is in dire need of a new look and new feel.

Ron Johnson, Apple’s amazing retail strategist for the past decade and the new J.C. Penney CEO, is bringing that change, including a new brand that is in the process of being rolled out. New logo. New tag line. New mission and vision and customer relations strategy are combining together to give J.C. Penney a fresh start.

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When it comes to good design, being proactive is key.

Too often, businesses will wait until a project deadline approaches to begin thinking about their message, or even contact a graphic designer. While a business may have luck in finding someone to pump out a quick design, it typically comes at a financial and quality cost. Most graphic designers charge a rush fee for last minute projects, if they agree to take on the project at all. There will be less time for revisions and creativity, making the final project less than top-quality. It even puts stress on the printing company to turn a project around quickly and doesn’t allow for mistakes.

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When beginning any branding campaign, logo or advertising design project, it is beneficial to consider a few pre-design questions to guide your graphic designer in the creation process. Good design is imperative, but if it does not communicate an effective message about your business or product, even the best looking logo will fall short.

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Thank you to my clients, blog readers and those who recommended my work to family and friends. It is a blessing to have you in my life.

Merry Christmas!

Once in a great while, an advertising campaign comes around that catches the public’s eye and gets people talking.

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan recently launched such a campaign. Talk to Your Kids About Art School depicts scenes typically associated with warning parents about teen drug and alcohol use and apply it to art. The ads are creative, grab your attention, and share “warning signs” that your child might have a future in art. Read more →

When it comes to developing your brand, even the smallest of details plays a huge role in making or breaking your image. A misplaced icon, a hard to read web font, an outdated drop shadow, blurry picture and countless other little things can produce a negative effect on the brand you are trying to build.

However, one clever brand enhancement can make all the difference. Just look at Twitter.

Upon the launch of their redesigned user-interface, Twitter users noticed a very small, seemingly unimportant change that worked to solidify the brand in their minds:

The new Home icon.

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Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, meaning now is the time to begin planning for your holiday design needs. We want to help you impress your clients by offering 20% off our superb design and print packages when you order before December 2!

Our Discounted Services Offered:

  • Personalize Christmas Cards for your family or company
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  • Banners for events
  • Name cards for holiday dinners
  • Dinner menus
  • Holiday Graphics for your web site

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